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WebSphere MQ Client for SCO OpenServer

SCO OpenServer Integration with the Enterprise

The WebSphere MQ Client for SCO OpenServer is a fully conforming MQI Client that enables applications written for, or ported to, OpenServer systems to communicate with one or more WebSphere MQ Queue Managers running on any supported platform. The  OpenServer client supports all WebSphere MQ V2 functions and works with all V2 and V5 WebSphere MQ Queue Managers.

The WebSphere MQ Client for SCO OpenServer is developed by Willow Technology under license from IBM.

WebSphere MQ

The IBM WebSphere MQ range of products provides application programming services that enable application programs to communicate with each other using messages and queues. This form of communication is referred to as commercial messaging. It provides assured, once-only delivery of messages. Using WebSphere MQ means that you can separate application programs, so that the program sending a message can continue processing without having to wait for a reply from the receiver. If the receiver, or the communication channel to it, is temporarily unavailable, the message can be forwarded at a later time. WebSphere MQ also provides mechanisms for providing acknowledgments of messages received.

Message Queue Interface

The programs that comprise a WebSphere MQ application can be running on different computers, on different operating systems, and at different locations. The applications are written using a common programming interface known as the Message Queue Interface (MQI), so that applications developed on one platform can be transferred to another. When two applications communicate using messages and queues, one application puts a message on a queue, and the other application gets that message from the queue.

Queue Managers

In WebSphere MQ, queues are managed by a component called a queue manager. The queue manager 
provides messaging services for the applications and processes the MQI calls they issue. The queue manager ensures that messages are put on the correct queue or that they are routed to another queue manager.

MQI Clients

An MQI client is an independently installable component of the WebSphere MQ product line that allows a user to run WebSphere MQ applications, where the MQI client has the ability, by means of a communications protocol, to interact with one or more MQI servers and connect to their Queue Managers.

Development Requirements

Applications to access the MQI on SCO OpenServer systems can be written in C or C++ using the UnixWare and OpenServer Development Kit 7.0.0u or later.  Note the OpenServer Development Kit 5 is 

not supported.

Software Requirements

  • For development: SCO OpenServer 5.0.4 or  later with UnixWare and OpenServer Development 
    Kit 7.0.0u or later.
  • For deployment: SCO OpenServer 5.0.2 or later + OSRcompat module.
  • TCP/IP.  SNA is not supported.
  • A WebSphere MQ Queue Manager (server) to connect to.

Hardware Requirements

  • Any Intel based system supported by SCO OpenServer 5.0.2 or later.



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